Core SMART is enabling Smart Analytics & Transformation across industries.

Analytics Solutions for Business Function

Sales and Marketing Analytics

CoreSMART’s marketing and customer analytics are driving insights that convert browsers into buyers and customers into brand champions. CoreSMART helps develop deep and relevant insights on the effectiveness..

Customer Service Analytics

CoreSMART can help you identify opportunities and improve your customer service productivity. Transform your approach to sales and customer service through insights and technologies that drive value, efficiency, and customer retention..

Operations Analytics

In a volatile and competitive business environment, organizations must operate to bring their products to the market quickly, more smartly and cost effectively than ever before. Getting the most out of your data takes more..

Talent and HR Analytics

With comprehensive HR analytics, you can harness HR data to make fast, informed decisions. CoreSMART provides deep expertise in workforce planning and analytics, helping you identify opportunities and overcome challenges..

Finance Analytics

The combination of volatility, globalization and increasing stakeholder expectations have created a need for more advanced finance analytics. CoreSMART has developed a holistic framework that helps integrate the key components..

Fraud & Risk Analytics

Now-a-days companies see fraud and risk analytics as less of an obligation and more of an opportunity. They proactively build strategic, pre-emptive capabilities focused on real business benefits.

Analytics Solutions for Industry


CoreSMART helps clients to identify and enter new markets
Increase revenues
Improve Operational performance
Analytics that helps product innovation and outpaces the client’s compititors

Financial Services

Analytics to improve customer relationship
Build and run more effective marketing services which improve returns on equity
Improves risk strategy, grovernance and compliance
Analytics in Banking, Capital Markets and Insurance

Hi-Tech / Industrial Mfg

Increase inventory turns through real-time insight into supply-demand balancing across channels and suppliers
Analytics around multichannel fulfillment
Efficient and effective procurement
Vendor collaboration
Align the right mix of products and services by channel and location to retain the most..

Retail / Ecommerce

CoreSMART fecilitates Integrated planning
Vendor collaboration
Analytics around multichannel fulfillment
Efficient and effective procurement
Improve same store sales by identifying and improving underperforming products and product categories, sales personnel and locations.
Enable increased productivity by channel, location and associate by analysing and reacting to performance patterns and trends
Match supply and demand by recognizing current shopping patterns and anticipating future trends along with demand-supply inter-play.
Align the right mix of products and services by channel and location to retain the most profitable customer relationships.

Education & Research

Enquiries (by courses, subjects etc.)
Student and Staff dashboards showing real time information and analysis
Improve Operational Efficiency and Campus Utilization (Electricity usage, water usage, recyling, solar, etc.)
Social Media Metrics for educational institutes (FB % likes, wall posts, comments, monthly active users, daily new users, daily post reviews, enquiries through FB or LinkedIn etc.)
Outcome based Student Interventions
Improve effectiveness of Teachers and e-Learning programs
Institute Outreach Optimization

Media / Entrainment

Improve media business insight into subscriber/viewer behaviors and preferences
Increase subscriber/viewer acquisition and loyalty
Exploit revenue opportunities across multiple distribution channels
Leverage stronger, more productive industry partnerships
Improve management of royalties, copyrights and content security

Health Care

Collaborate to improve Care and reduce Cost
360 degree view of claims, clinical, social platforms and membership portals to understand consumer preferences and behavior
Optimization of resources in clinics and hospitals

On-Line Services/ Social Media

Analytics to accelerate digital transformation
Deep dive to improve network and IT agility
Display Ad Click Propensity
Bid Optimization

Oil & Gas

Analytics to improve Exploration and Production
Improve operation methodology to reduce cost and risk
Improve refining process efficiency
Statistical validations of data around oil and natural gas

Smart Analytics for Retail

  • Software provides insights on in-store shopper behavior and preferences and store operations
  • Helps retailers understand customers to provide a more engaging shopping experience and improve store operations
  • Builds customer loyalty, creates brand differentiation, and improves efficiency
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Know Your Shoppers with Analytics

  • Gain insight on how long shoppers stay in showroom
  • Visibility into engagement and traffic at different displays
  • Percentage of new versus repeat showroom visitors
  • Visibility into shopper demographics
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Insight on percentage of repeat customer visits

Shopper demographic information by display

Visibility of traffic and engagement times at displays

Smart Analytics for Service Providers

Smart Analytics for Back Office

Analytics software

Applies analytics to contact center data and back office operations

Reduce customer effort & increase agent effectiveness

Outcome: provide personalized customer experience and drive customer loyalty

Customer Effort Score

Quantifies Individual Customer Effort Level by Call Type

Customer Effort Score
Average by Call Type

Use Agent Effectiveness Score to Rank Agent Skills

Can we improve our call routing?

What is their call history?

Are there training opportunities?

Agent Score
Team Score

Smart Analytics for Energy Sector

Enabled Operational Decisions Locally 
Reduced Well Abandonment Rates
Safer Operations, Reduced Operational Costs 

Empowers Employees to Make Faster, Better Operational Decisions
Empower Employees to Act in Real-Time
Streaming Analytics Provides Fresh Insights & Efficiencies

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